3 Compelling Reasons to Shift to Solar Energy

The world’s leading countries are moving fast to transition to renewable energy sources, but it seems that Australia is still stuck to the old ways of generating power. Despite having the best solar installers in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and other key cities in the country, we lag behind in terms of transitioning to a better energy system. In a 2019 World Economic Form report, Australia ranks at number 43 out of 115 countries in the Energy Transition Index despite being tagged as an advanced economy. This index ranks each country based on its readiness and effort to transition to more sustainable ways of harnessing and distributing energy.

Until now, a majority of Australia’s electricity generation is from black coal (around 47 percent). Renewable energy only takes 15 percent of the pie with wind, hydro, and solar making up most of this part. It’s no wonder why our country has problems with electricity affordability. According to a 2018 report from Statista, Australia is one of the countries with the highest international electricity prices along with Denmark, Germany, and Spain. This builds another compelling case as to why you would want to contact your solar providers in Melbourne and other cities. With solar power generation, Australians will reap better long-term benefits when it comes to energy consumption. Here are other convincing reasons as well:

Reduce electricity bill

As mentioned, Australia charges very high power costs, and the best way to curb this is to generate your very own electricity. For residential consumers, the most accessible and convenient way to do this is by investing in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The best solar installers in Melbourne can help prepare an effective system for your home that can cover a majority, if not all of your usual electricity usage. By harnessing the power of the sun, you will rely less on the country’s expensive power grid.

Encourage household sustainability

Modern homes like “smart homes” rely on a lot of electricity to keep things running. If a power outage is encountered, the whole system can be compromised. Again, having the best solar installers in Melbourne can help create an independently powered household, making it more sustainable and operational even on days when power outages happen. The beauty of a solar power system is that it can store energy harnessed from the sun so you can use it when you really need it (even at night).

Help the environment

Reliance on coal and other non-renewable energy sources is not the best way to move forward in the next decades. We are at a point where our natural resources are close to depletion, whether it be coal, natural gas, or oil. Installing solar panels in your home will not only be practical for you but will also help our environment renew its precious resources. The solar panels and their benefits can last a lifetime and all you need to pay for in the long term is maintenance from a solar panel electrician. That’s energy that can last for generations.

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