Considering a switch to solar energy? Solar installers in Geelong transform sunlight into energy. So, having them as suppliers of your power enables you to save money on electricity bills. Additionally, having this kind of power is sustainable, as well. Below are the top seven commonly used solar installers: 

  • Residential solar installer 

Most residential solar installers in Geelong are in the form of rooftop installations on single-unit homes. However, residential solar installers can also be ground-mounted, carport, and pergola panels. Residential solar installers produce electricity for homes. They revert to sending any extra power back to the grid. Such a situation is the key to lowering your power bill through net metering. 

  • Commercial and industrial solar installer 

Commercial and industrial solar installers in Geelong are used in business establishments, ranging from small to medium-sized firms and industry-based factories. These solar installers are installed in rooftops, parking lot canopies in shopping centers, and sizable spaces in business firms. Commercial solar systems enable businesses to turn saved money on electricity bills into revenues. 

  • Utility-scale solar installer 

Utility-scale solar power installation produces sustainable energy sources. These sources mostly come from solar and wind. Utility-scale solar installers are usually way bigger than residential solar installers. They provide their power for sale to utility providers. These solar installers, thus, provide electricity to multiple homes and businesses. 

  • Community solar installer 

Community solar installers provide renewable power to people who can’t access it at home and work. Community panels are huge solar farms located within the neighborhood. You can subscribe to access it at a low cost if you can’t afford regular solar provider installers in your properties. 

  • Solar tiles 

Solar tiles do give a beautiful look to your roof. These solar installers supplement the renewable energy source that a regular solar installer already provides to your property. 

  • Thin-film solar panels 

Just like solar tiles, these panels add beauty to your roof, as well. As the name suggests, these solar panels are thin. Thus, they don’t take a lot of space when installed on your roof. 

  • Monocrystalline solar panels

These solar panels are the purest providers of renewable energy. Because of this, they provide the greatest power supply out of all kinds of solar panels. 

Always use any of these solar installers wisely and productively. The sustainable power supply may run out down the road. So, even though the power these sources provide is cheap, it’s smart to conserve it as much as possible. 

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