How To Limit Technology Usage

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While technology has many benefits for us, it is also right to stop getting addicted to it. It has many disadvantages to our mental and physical health. The limitation is the key to everything, including using technology. Here are ways to limit the relying of people on technology.


  1. Turn off push notifications


This tip is the common and classic one. It should be implemented each day in our life since push notifications are not always essential. It will just waste your time and seduce you to put effort into checking your smartphone and never letting it go. This also uses a laptop; they rarely benefit you if you are not using it for work.


  1. Always exit unused applications


Always close your applications down. The fact that it will drain your battery, you will want to check more. Close the application so you will have less distraction. It only takes ten seconds to log in and the same to exit the app.


  1. Utilize sleep mode option with a password


Just a small light from the screen will magically make our eyes wander. It is hard to ignore the light when even babes are attracted to it. If you shut down your phone and laptops regularly, you will focus more and get sleep. Always use a password to reactivate your device. Using sleep mode will allow you to do what is essential and keep you from wasting time on unnecessary things.


  1. Place it in your pocket


In case it is not effective turning off your device, place it in your pocket. It will be safe down there, and you will not check it regularly. Unlike if it is on your table, you will get distracted more. Placing it in your pocket will be near you, and you can still take calls when someone important is ringing you.


  1. Do not rely on Google in everything


It is recommended that you stop googling simple things. Instead, use your instinct. Before we have the internet and computer, people use their mind, decisions, and intuition to answer something. While it helped us, it can also distract us; after finding the answer, we tend to go to our social platforms for an update. Ask your colleagues and family members instead of relying on everything you wonder about technology. After all, Google is just made of different answers and information from individuals too. We can assure you that friends and family have the best solution for your problem.

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