You may want to think that you have already utilised and used up all the capabilities in your marketing platform. Well, there’s a huge chance that you may not have because there are actually a lot of features that you need to unravel and use. This is especially true when you are currently using a marketing agency automation solution. Here, you will get acquainted with the essential features this automation solution can provide. You’ll also learn how they prove to be very crucial in the overall improvement of your business and other important marketing activities.

Track Content

With the aid of the right tools in your automated marketing platform, you’ll be able to track, analyse, and organise the performance of your content carefully and easily. It’s an effective way to know whether or not a particular content is working properly.

Track Prospects

A marketing automation platform can help you to observe and monitor your business traffic. It analyses the movement of all individuals that move through your business’ marketing funnel, allowing marketing teams to act quickly each time a prospect performs certain conversions. 

Host Content

Having a marketing agency automation solution for your business can give you the freedom to upload, bring out, and categorise a particular content quickly and easily. With this feature, it will be much easier to analyse the performance of media pieces, pages, and sites without toggling repeatedly.

Automate Leads

The act of managing leads is known to be one of the most difficult and complex tasks marketing groups often have to work on. However, the task of recording important leads can be done in a much easier way with the aid of an automated marketing solution. 

Categorise Leads

Aside from storage capability, a marketing agency automation solution comes with a feature that helps in categorising leads easily. Categorisation is often based on the readiness of a prospect to be an absolute client or customer for the business. 

Take Care of Leads

An automation solution comes with tools that can help in nurturing leads. This allows you and your team to organise lead groups based on lead warmth and actions taken.

Create Landing Pages

With the aid of analytical tools, business owners will not only enjoy the easy creation of landing pages but gauge the success rate of these pages as well.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, having a reliable marketing automation service provider can also help you perform other things like email marketing, integrations, AI, social media management, and more.

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