Technology Advancements of the Last Decade

We are too busy approaching the new year, but it is also a decade or so since our technology advanced. We have seen further developments about technology and a memoir of it would be fantastic. Therefore, to give you an idea of how things turn out over the last decade, here are some of them:

Fintech and Biometrics

Whether using a fingerprint scanner or facial verification, individuals’ biometrics are now used to confirm their identities and secure devices. With the adoption of biometrics, fintech also rises and makes sure that the correct person is accessing his information. With this, with fintech and biometrics combined, the interaction of people has transformed. In fact, all industries are using this now as a new way to connect with others.

Social Media

With smartphone devices, social media is also now a dominant force. Though this is a less positive trend, it is most used by many.

Besides Facebook, which rose to fame in the mid-2000s, we now have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and some others. Some careers are made using these platforms, and they called themselves influencers. People can encounter problems and issues using social media, so many experts suggest that people use it less.


Apple launched their first iPhone in 2007, but the smartphone trend was only known in the year 2010. Compared to other technology improvements, the smartphone evolution is one of the most important or indispensable in our daily lives. It has helped us in many ways and continues to help us today and in the future.

Cyber Crime

While cybercrime is technological development, it is likely to be less favourable. Many criminals and hackers use digital art to scam people. Cyber threats are getting smarter, and each day, there is a risk of danger using smartphones. It is crucial for someone who uses the different social platform never to share vital information to unverified websites and sources.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence was just science fiction in movies. Today, it has become real, and with its development, things are becoming easier. AI has become smarter than ever and continues to improve to help people live a simpler life.

Final Thoughts

Looking back over the last decade, the technology advanced and improved well. Some platforms are useful, while some are less positive than the others. It is essential that as individuals, we know where to limit ourselves in using these technology advancements.

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