3 Essential Tips in Finding Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Celebrating a marital union is one of the most highlighted events in an Aussie’s life. In fact, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that in 2019, there were over 113,000 marriages registered and it has been on a rise since 2001. In Sydney, wedding photography (aside from catering, couture, and events planning) is the most essential service that will determine the success of an event like this. Statista shares that the average cost of a wedding photographer in New South Wales is around AU$ 3,500. This is the highest average cost in comparison to other Australian states. Wedding photography in Melbourne comes in second but the difference is over AU$500. 

Indeed, hiring the services of a professional photographer does not come cheap and it’s very much understandable. Weddings are so important and iconic today that documenting this has become a huge business. Every couple dreams of their own Charles and Diana wedding spectacle, and this highlights the need of professional photography services. And in choosing the right one for you, here are some tips that will help you find the right one for your wedding day.

Check style and brand

Photographers, just like artists, have their own style, taste, and creativity. While they ultimately serve their clients, they do have their own way of capturing a moment. In Sydney, wedding photography can be quite diverse in terms of style. Some do excellent portraits, many use drones and other technologies, a couple of them take pride in their black and white stills, and so on. It is important to know what style and brand of photography you want for your wedding. Make sure to check their portfolio so you can decide properly.

Review packages and inclusions

As mentioned, Sydney wedding photography does not come cheap in comparison to other states. However, many studios offer packages and inclusions that make up for the high cost. Don’t just check the internet for their rates. Sometimes making a call or a visit to their office can help you explore what other packages and rates they have. If your wedding will happen during the off-peak season, you might be able to haggle for lower rates. Also, check if they can cater to some of your requests and if they are already included in their package.

Assess resources and capabilities

When planning a wedding, a lot of requests and ideas come to mind. That is why coming up with a shot list is helpful when planning your event. Usually, event planners, photographers, and clients will sit down to discuss what angles to shoot from, the type of photos, the format, and the background. In these discussions, make sure to assess if they can deliver what you want. The best wedding photographers will not have a difficult time finding a way to make your desired shots happen.

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